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My weight gain started after having my 2 children, and 5 years la

Khushiter the baby fat remained. It felt permanent and like I was trapped in my own body. I was always out of breath, my self-esteem had plummeted and I dreaded going out and having to find clothes to wear. I tried so many diets but always became discouraged and gave up. My daughter and I were shopping and as usual, she tried to help me find some stylish clothes. After 50 minutes of nonproductive searching she held up a pretty dress and tried to persuade me to try it on. I refused saying it would never fit. I saw the look in her eyes. So much excitement and hope for a mother who was perpetually in swKhushi Seatpants and hoodies. Her eyes shifted to the ground as she realized that I was right. I regretted showing her my insecurities. I wanted her to see her mother as someone who is strong, confident and loves who they are. I never wanted her to feel the way I did. Tears welled up in my eyes as I called it quits for the day. I was miserable and knew I had to do something. I wanted my children to be as proud of me as I was of them. I wanted my husband to be able to brag about how beautiful his wife was. I was completely done with feeling sorry for myself.

I saw a commercial of Fatgoes Oil on the TV and YouTube. I followed the steps suggested by Fatgoes team. It has given wonderful results in 8 weeks. I started to lose weight, my daughter suggested that we start running together. 15-minutes massage with Fatgoes Oil twice a day given results as per my expectation. I continued to make great progress with my weight loss and my activity. I am proud to say with Fatgoes Oil, I am back in shape. My daughter is my #1 fan.


Where do I start? I guess like everyone else, bigger than I wanted to be and unhappy.

The bright side started getting dimmer and dimmer, though, after I had started gaining weight due to my tour job. I had to take food in the hotels and long hours of job never allows me to do exercise. My tummy came out and I weighed 89 Kilogram and I felt like a blob! My skin started feeling tight, my arms started getting dimples and Prabhat SI had absolutely no energy. I had hit my all-time lowest self-esteem. I would close my eyes when I passed my mirror without clothes on in order to get in the tub. I was so embarrassed by my body that I wouldn’t get undressed anywhere. One of my friend suggested me to try Fatgoes Oil.

Fatgoes Oil had started working from the first day I measured the difference after 15-days of massage and found that my tummy was 2-inches in. In 12 weeks I lost the belly fat by 4.5-inches. Now I wear my old pants. Now I can forget everything but Fatgoes Oil never.

Prabhat Srivastava, Delhi

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